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while dell has\’t earned too many brownie ponts for its latest call center program,it has surely pleases the or greenies this month.last week,It appears global economic conditions have brought fear, uncertainty and doubt to the mobile phone sector.nAccording to this InformationWeek article, analysts are expecting global cell phone shipments to fall 6.6 percent in 2009nnthe controversial targeted advertising program phom is losing its uk chief report that hugo dravton will step down at the end if 2008.but will as an advistorA recent Reuters poll found that analysts predict mobile phone sales will shrinknnInter improved to qiiet to call, Microsoft office in 2007, this how it supports the open document format in regarding the documentation is done. The MS Office 2007 Service Pack 2 is due out around Easter. Even his own form of documentation for a description of your supportnn8 by a company is committed to the issue of a different reading of the charges for each portable devices, the mouse manufacturer in Taiwan Primax Electronics has agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft, Microsoft to promote the abolition of the dog, Bloomberg report. Microsoft has filed a complaint, the United States International Trade Commission and bring a civil action alleging violations of Primax its patents.nnoth former Entellium executives charged with wire fraud have pleaded guilty.nBchieft financila parrish jones did so wennesday,following the lead of chief eexcutive paul jonshon last week., reports TechFlash. The execs at the CRM software company were accused of cooking the books to inflate the companyas revenuennThe computer problem that plagued citybank customers tuesday apparently have been cleared up, nMany customers could not access their accounts online or by phone; others could access only part of their information. The problems affected bank accounts and mortgages.nThereas no word so far about what caused the outage.nnNew York has agreed to the transfer of 650,000,000 U.S. dollars worth of incentives for AMD to create spin-off company, the Foundry Co., Ltd., the networks Report of the World. AMD was the company\’s capital in 2006, the 300-mm wafer fabrication plant in Saratoga County, New York, but has to divest its manufacturing operations.nnNovell\’s annual meeting has been canceled, citing the company\’s travel restrictions, the report of the computer. The meeting will be held in March in Salt Lake City, is just the latest victims of the tight economy and changing the way suppliers and customers. Apple,

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