Travel To Sariska In The Most Convenient And Affordable Manner

Sariska is home to the famed Sariska National Park, which attracts droves of tourists every year. This national park is home an incredible degree of diversity in flora and fauna, which is bound to be any nature lovers’ delight. The park is around 107 km from Jaipur, capital of the state of Rajasthan in northwestern India. The location of the national park in the Alwar district of Rajasthan makes it one of most visited areas in the state, and consequently tourists need not worry about how to reach Sariska in a convenient and affordable way. In fact, this destination enjoys excellent connectivity with all the major cities in the country, and both domestic and international tourists can visit it in any of the number of conveyance options on offer.
The most comfortable and time saving way to reach Sariska is of course by air, even though it is likely to be far more expensive compared to the other travelling options. Sariska itself does not have an airport but tourists can take a flight to Jaipur, which is the closest they can reach this place by air. Therefore, those who are wondering how to reach Sariska by air can take a flight to the Sanganer Airport in Jaipur, and then travel by road the remaining distance. This airport is around 110 km away from Sariska while the international airport at Delhi is well over 200 km away even though it flights from far greater number of cities around the country and all over the world.
Tourists arriving by air can opt to hire a taxi or rent a car to travel to Sariska. The rent of the cars on hire depends on the size and make of the car, with the more luxurious models costing higher. Tourists wondering about how to reach Sariska in a more affordable manner compared to renting a car can take a bus from the airport to reach Sariska. In fact, the bus service is available to not only those arriving by air, but also to those who intend to undertake the whole journey by road.
Sariska enjoys excellent bus connectivity with the rest of Rajasthan and the entire country. A large number of public transport buses run from Sariska to cities like Alwar that is 36 km away, and Jaipur at a distance of 110 km. Tourists wondering how to reach Sariska from Delhi without hiring a car can avail the private bus service. Apart from buses, tourists can also travel to Sariska by car. The National Highway NH 8, which connects Sariska with Alwar is of excellent quality and provide a comfortable road journey.
Finally, tourists can also trust the good old Indian Railways to enable them to visit Sariska from practically any part of the country. Tourists considering how to reach Sariska while traveling by rail can get off at the Alwar railway station, which is the nearest major station. Trains from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai stop at that station. Therefore, there is no dearth of traveling options when it comes to visiting Sariska for its famed national park, forts, and temples.

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