How To Get Rid Of Annoying Bedbugs

Bedbugs have been around since the 17th century however numbers were at their lowest between the 30’s and 80’s. Surprisingly since the 1980’s bedbug numbers have been on the rise. Bedbugs are back with a vengeance! Some people think this is due to the amount of people who travel for business and pleasure and due to the ban of DDT. Below you will find effective methods to keep bedbugs from invading your home.

Once you understand the way that bedbugs function, you will be able to eliminate them. The amount of damage that a bedbug may cause is often exaggerated, however, they are still very difficult insects to handle. These insects cannot spread, for example, an infectious disease. Some people, however, may have an allergic reaction if bitten continuously by these bugs over a long period of time. You should also be very careful, in regard to young children, as they may become anemic from their bites. Like mosquitoes, they’re like miniature vampires that suck your blood, leaving small red bites that may itch. You may, however, not itch at all if you are not sensitive to such a bite. Going to the doctor is your best bet you cannot figure out what is causing the little red marks on your skin.

Traveling is one of the easiest ways to pick up bedbugs so be careful when you are traveling. While it’s less likely that a five star hotel will have bedbugs than a fleabag motel, you can never be certain nowadays. Bedbugs can be found in any environment because they can travel from place to place without any warning. Whether you are staying with family and friends, or your favorite hotel, always check for evidence of bedbugs. If you suspect a location may be infested, it’s best to avoid it, but if you must stay there, make sure you don’t leave clothes or traveling bags around where bedbugs could hitch a ride back to your home.

Despite the popular belief that bedbugs can only be found in a bed, this is a false impression given by virtue of their name. The fact is, they can inhabit just about any part of a house. These bugs are actually looking for you, not your furniture or a crevice to live in.

Nothing is safe from bedbugs, including household items, a bird’s nest, or a hole in your wall. In order to find them, you must thoroughly inspect every possible hiding place in your home. By searching your furniture, including wood dressers and nightstands, you may be able to find them. Searching for these creatures may be endless as you can find them literally any place in your household.

Knowing that bedbugs are in your home is very disturbing to many people, but not at all dangerous. Bedbugs feed off of you and can inflict painful and itchy bites all over your body. Preventing and getting rid of these pests can be challenging, but if you’re persistent you can get them out of your life for good.Pest ControlPest Control San Diego

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